Chef Taylor Rause was born in Raleigh, North Carolina where growing up, family dinner was a staple. This is how he came to love food for more than just its taste. This is how he learned that food can transport you places; it can invoke feelings and memories, and it can change your mood with just one bite. This is his culinary philosophy.

He cooked his way through college at Appalachian State University, while earning a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management in 2014. After graduating, he moved back to his home in Raleigh, bouncing around the blossoming downtown culinary scene and working for local giants such as Empire Eats, soaking up every influence and type of cuisine he could get his hands on.

It is with Rye that he makes his Executive debut. He aims to bring people that feeling of deep, unadulterated joy experienced when taking the perfect bite of the perfect dish, but also the bliss of dining with true family and friends. With exciting, innovative, and intensely flavorful dishes he invites you to join him at the culmination of quality ingredients and creative concepts.