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For tables larger than 8 people we offer the Chef’s Tasting Menu

—  Dinner  —

All Plates Designed to Share. For two people we recommend to pick 1 first, 2 seconds, and 2 thirds.


—  Charcuterie & Cheese  —
rotating selection, house accouterments


—  Fried Chicken Hearts  —
cartermere farms chicken hearts, buttermilk, tobacco flour, korean wing sauce, scallions


—  i yam root  —
sweet potato, turnip, & parsnip latkes, yuca-parsnip purée, turnip green kimchi, chili oil, cracklins

—  Japanese Elotes  —
butter corn, kewpie, black sesame, togarshi, katsuobushi


—  Brussels Both Ways  —
lemon, honey, chevre, cranberry / corn,
red bell, sprouts, bulgogi

—  Beet Salad  —
red, golden, candy stripe beets, fried goat cheese croutons, lewellen farms greens, goat cheese mousse, pepitas, citrus-beet vinaigrette

—  blazin’ beef tacos—
sliced ribeye, spicy asian glaze, red cabbage-jalapeño slaw, cilantro

—  Cacio e Pepe  —
handmade yolk pasta, grana padano, pink peppercorn, lewellen farms greens, tobacco shallot

—  Forrest Floor—
portobello, shiitake, enoki, and oyster mushrooms, red quinoa, spelt, kale, moss, flowers, marchand de vin sauce, porcini

—  Spice Crusted Scallops  —
paprika/guajillo crust, citrus-butter, sweety drops, lime

—  Duroc Pork Belly Lollipops  —
burnt orange, bourbon, rainbow chard, garlic


—  Fall of the Gourds  —
”blossoming” acorn squash, yellow, butternut, kobocha squash, mustard greens, pepitas, bourbon-maple glaze

—  Blackened Texas Red Fish  —
pan seared, polenta cake, sauce pontchartrain, chipotle, scallion


—  Brandied Cherry Quail  —
brandied cherry, carnaroli risotto, grilled musgrove mushrooms


—  Iron Crusted Akaushi Hanger  —
beeman ranch akaushi, chimichurri, garden veg tortilla espanola, guajillo-lime creme frache

—  Beers for the Kitchen  —
send some love to the fearless crew

Head Chef

Taylor Rause

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—  Dessert  —

Handmade daily, exclusively in-house

—  Smores  —
spiced graham, almond marshmallow, ganache, smoking embers

—  Bread Pudding  —
cranberry, pecan, orange zest whip

—  Sweet Potato Stacker  —
chewy caramel, sweet potato, pumpkin spice butter cream

—  Ice Cream—
scratch made, new flavors every week